China Brass valves manufaturer and supplier -Yuhuan Alllead Copper Industries Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of brass valves, pipe fittings, taps, bibcocks, faucets and sanitary fittings. It has been in the brass products manufacturing filed for more than 18 years and its now developed to an experienced manufacturer and exporter of highly qualified brass products.
ISO9001 quality control and manage system CE

We design and produce various brass ball valves, check valves, strainers, filters, pipe fittings, gate valves, stop valves, angle valves, bibcocks, taps, faucets, flexible hose and other customized copper, bronze valves, bronze fittings. We produce general ball valves for water, oil and gas piping systems and facilities under the normal working pressure and temperature. We also design special valves or OEM client’s valves that used under steam and heating systems with specified materials. The hot forged brass bodies were generally made of CuZn39Pb2 brass or equals to CW617N brass. DZR, Lead-Free brass also available upon customer's requests for drinking water or chemical and food industries.

Established under the ISO9001 manager system,
the factory set up the whole manufacturing, shipping
and after sales service lines. With reputed quality &

kind service, we are confident to meet various clients'

demands and benfit to all parties.